What is Shabu Shabu?

Shabu-shabu originated from the “swish-swish” sound of cooking sliced meats and vegetables in a simmering hotpot tableside.


What is Robata Grill?

Designed for those who crave the flavors of the Asian Grill. Grilled and served family style, our selections include chicken marinated in yakitori, skewered and chargrilled. Beef short ribs marinated in spicy Korean kalbi or brined pork belly chargrilled to perfection. Each Robata Grill is accompanied with rice and seasonal vegetables.

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What is Gamjatang?

Gamjatang is an all-natural spicy Korean pork bone soup that gets its red color and rich aromatic flavors from slowly simmering the pork bones with Korean peppers and vegetables for hours. Tender braised pork, Yukon gold potatoes, Napa cabbage, bean sprouts and chrysanthemum leaves are tucked into the rich broth. Our soup is offered with rice and house made Kimchee. Enjoy sharing the warming and exotic flavors of Korea.

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