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Fresh, Healthy and Interactive Asian Specialties!

Located near Metropolitan Market at First and Mercer in Lower Queen Anne, we are a small Asian inspired restaurant specializing in shabu shabu, an authentic Japanese cooking technique that lets diners cook thin slices of meat, seafood or vegetables quickly and immediately in a flavorful broth.

At Roaring Bowl, this interactive Asian experience brings excitement and spontaneity to dining out and our menu features three essential components: The Robota Grill, the Shabu Shabu Bowls, and the Gamjatang Bowls.  Each offering a unique experience with ingredients sourced from some of the Northwest’s finest purveyors.



Fresh. Flavorful. Interactive. Asian Inspired.

Owner and entrepreneur Sean Kaywood is the force behind the bowl and understands that this interactive Asian technique brings excitement and spontaneity to dining out. So, head to Roaring Bowl, craft a shabu shabu to your liking, and and Reach for the Roar.  Hungry? Read about us

To keep up with our happenings and progress, please follow us on Facebook or Twitter.  Have any questions, suggestion or just want to say hello? Give us a shout using our contact form.

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